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Dr. Jordan Wagner Doctor ER at Life Happns Factory

A Letter From Dr. Jordan Wagner:

If you know me from my popular YouTube channel, Doctor ER, with a dedicated audience of millions, you probably know I don't mess around when it comes to your well-being and being your go-to source for medical education.

If I had a nickel for every supplement sponsorship offer that came my way, I'd probably be living large like other influencers. But, here's the catch: a lot of those health products endorsed by your favorite online personalities don't quite live up to the hype. That's a big no-go for me. I won't put my name on anything that hides behind a sketchy proprietary blend—it's just not worth the risk to your health.

So, I decided to do something about it. After years of hard work and pulling together an awesome team of experts, I'm super excited to introduce you to our own line of quick-acting health supplements, Life Happns.

As an Emergency Medicine Doctor, I've seen it all in the ER—from the usual bumps and bruises to those unexpected bouts of anxiety or stomach troubles. What really grinds my gears is the number of products out there that promise the world but don't have real medical expertise or scientific support behind them. You deserve better.

Life Happns is here to help you tackle whatever life throws your way, whether it's boosting your energy, staying focused, managing stress, or winding down for a good night's sleep. Because, let's face it, life happens—so why not be ready for it?

Cheers to good health,

- Dr. Jordan Wagner 😎

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Jordan Wagner

    Dr. Jordan Wagner [CMO]

    Meet Dr. Wagner, our charismatic Chief Medical Officer and the driving force behind the globally beloved Doctor ER YouTube channel, entertaining over 40 million viewers monthly. With an engaging personality, Dr. Wagner covers a range of medical topics and hosts diverse guests, making Doctor ER a cherished health and wellness platform. Dr. Wagner's infectious enthusiasm and extensive medical background drive the creation of Life Happns, a brand revolutionizing health supplements with fast-acting and as-needed products, reflecting the efficiency of the Emergency Department where he works. Prepare for a well-being journey guided by flair, humor, and unwavering dedication.

  • Jen Lippe

    Jen Lippe [CNO]

    Meet Jen, our dynamic Chief Nutritional Officer and seasoned supplement expert. As the owner of two nutrition-focused companies, Jennifer Lippe brings a wealth of experience in functional nutrition. With a talent for simplifying complex information, Jen transforms your supplement journey into an informative and enjoyable experience. Her expertise extends to integrating functional nutrition systems into medical practices through online courses. Count on Jen to be your trusted resource for supplements, providing clear insights and steering you away from misinformation. Beyond her professional pursuits, Jen leads a wellness-focused lifestyle, indulging in sports such as snowboarding, surfing, and marathon running.

  • Chris Lippe

    Chris Lippe [CEO]

    Meet Chris, our dynamic CEO and Venture Architect with a robust background in business leadership. As Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Lippe leverages extensive experience across diverse industries, from business consulting to real estate management, to foster remarkable growth for healthcare practices and supplement companies. With a proven track record in nurturing successful ventures, Chris is committed to ensuring your path to optimal nutrition is not only successful but also enjoyable. His passion for making a healthy lifestyle exciting is evident in his guidance through our winning success strategy, coupled with valuable wellness tips to prepare you for sustained success.

  • Jenn Barlow

    Jenn Barlow [CCO]

    Meet Jenn, our Emmy Award-winning Chief Creative Officer and visionary mastermind. With a background in television and film production, she infuses our vibrant brand with captivating designs, a rich palette of colors, and a touch of humor. Jenn's passion for health and wellness, combined with her talent for creating binge-worthy content and captivating visuals, brings Life Happns to life. Her extensive experience in hosting and producing popular television shows, including co-founding Doctor ER, makes her a vital asset to our founding team. With Jenn leading the way, our brand embodies the exciting creative essence, ensuring that your supplement journey is not only informative but also exceptionally enjoyable.